Variety Arts Workshops!

Variety Arts Workshop Weekend! April 11th
Variety Arts Workshop Weekend! April 11th

Saturday, April 11th:

A full day of Variety Arts Workshops!

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow teams up with Paolo Garbanzo and the Accidental Circus for 1 day of Circus, Sideshow, and Variety Entertainment workshops! Now is your chance to study with some of your favorite performers!  This is a rare and priceless opportunity!

For your convenience, we are offering discounted online pre-registration through Pay Pal.  It’s free, and easy.  Sign-up now!

Take a look at some of the amazing classes we will be offering:

Mental Warm-up Improv Class
10am – 11:30am – $15 ($20 @ door)
Have you ever wanted to be better at thinking on your feet? This class is a series of improv games designed to make you start thinking faster. There are no winners or losers in these games, it’s not about the wittiest or funniest, it’s all about warming up your brain for a full day of quick thinking. By the end of the class you’ll be on your toes and mentally warmed up, it’s aerobics for your brain!

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Showcraft – 20 Minutes in Vaudeville!
12pm – 1pm $30 ($40 @ door)
While there is no shortage of classes on “How To…”, it’s time to take it to the next level! Take those skills you have painstakingly learned, and work them into a great show! This class covers how to build a “bit”, and then how to take the bits and build a set and a show! We will also develop a toolbox of elements to get the most out of your audience, heckler handling techniques, and much much more.

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Juggling Class – beginner to advanced
3pm – 4:30pm – $30 ($40 @ door)
Master Juggler Paul “Garbanzo” will advance your juggling skills no matter what level you are.  From absolute beginner to advanced club passing Paul will engage each student and make you a better juggler in one hour.(beginner bean bags available for purchase 2$ each, 5$ for set of 3).

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Mental Magic with Mr. Eon.

5pm – 6pm – $30 ($40 @ door)
Learn the basics of “mentalism,” and tricks to make people think you can read their minds and predict the future! You need only bring yourself (but you might want pencil and paper to help remember some of this cool stuff).

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And as a special “recession” bonus, get All 4 Classes for only $85  (Save $20)!!!!

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See you April 11!