Uke Love!

Since 2010, Mab has been in the throws of a torrid love affair with her ukulele.  Starting with her take on popular (an unpopular) songs, she has slowly been branching out into writing original (and odd) tunes.

Hear the “dulcet” squawkings of Mab Just Mab on her Ukulele (of Love)!

Land Down Under (on a uke)

A Mab take of the classic 80’s song.
Also first go with recording using Reaper DAW. Still learning how to edit and FX on the songs to get the right EQ. So, I’ll call this a draft

Turtle Creek Coffee (crack)

I was divinely (caffeine-ly) inspired to write this song. Turtle Creek Coffee is a fun coffee roaster in Columbia, SC. They were also one of the sponsors for ABSFest, a fantastic burlesque and sideshow festival in Asheville, NC.   The deal was, he would send free coffee to any of the performers willing to have their picture taken with some of his coffee.  I don’t need to tell you how quickly I signed up for that gig!

After a few cups of this amazing coffee, I was compelled to write this song!

Be sure to check out the Turtle Creek Coffee (crack) – Official Video!


Another cover.  I arranged this song as a duet with Mark Slomski (or anyone who is sucker enough to play along).  Recorded on my ipad for reference.

Hero of Canton

I learned this song to play with Clockwork Dolls at AnimeUSA con in November, 2012. The show ran over, and the number was cut.  We all lamented.  Here is my take on the classic Firefly song, Hero of Canton.

The Snowmen Song

The world famous Snowman Song was written while I was stuck in traffic, a few weeks before I was scheduled to perform at a holiday themed Clown Cabaret.  Here is the recording I did with my musical platonic bandmate, Baska D’Joy.
BEHOLD! The UkeCordionPocalypse edition of…The Snowman Song.

You can listen to more of her recordings on Soundcloud!


Turtle Creek Coffee (crack) – Official Video!

Current song list!

(* indicates original song)

Snowmen *
Oh-oh Obama *
Turtle creek coffee crack *
Black sheep bully *
Come sail away
Land down under
Anarchy in the UKulele
House of the rising sun
You make me want science fiction * By Shoshana Hill
Hero of Canton
Bang Bang
I can’t help falling in love with you
The Fox
The lullaby of Armatige Shanks *
Bizarre Love Triangle
Blister in the sun
Say that we’re sweethearts again
Only you
Forever young
Stop the world and melt with you
Iko iko
Just like heaven
Firefly theme song
You are my sunshine

Learn the backstory behind her Uke Love!

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