Take a look a what people are saying about Mab, Just Mab!

"Where'd the balloon go?"
the entire audience of over 400 people, spontaneously

"Meeting Mab was the highlight of the event!"
Robert Dante 2 time Guiness world record holding whip expert

"Mab is the glue that makes this show work!"
Torva, Assistant Producer of Future of Tradition production

"I have not laughed this hard in nearly a year! Thank you Mab!"
Olivia from Zafira Dance company

"Mab is easily one of the area's top talkers! I am honored and humbled to share a stage with her!"
Professor Sprocket, The Weirdo Show

"...if you don't know Mab, just Mab, you really should. She's a cornerstone of the DC dance and performance community, and without her efforts, I'm not sure the DC tribal and related art scenes would be as tight as we are."
Asharah, Washington DC bellydance artist on her blog (BDPaladin.blogspot.com)

"This material is GOLD!"
workshop attendee

"You were such an amazing MC! I want to bring you out to my area for our next show!"

"You were amazing!"
too many people to name.

"[Mab] has such a sense of charity that so many people benefit from."
Alejandro, Durham NC

"I wanna be Mab when I grow up!"
Fawn, Pittsburgh PA

"Your MCing really kept the energy up throughout the entire show!"
audience member, Asheville NC

"and mab.... what can I say about this force of nature..... highly disturbing and entertaining at the SAME TIME! "
Maria Hamer, Zafira Dance, Pittsburgh PA

"you made me lurve the davul"
Alejandro Chisenhall

"Oh by the way you iz the shiznit. you fockin' ruck!"
Onça - Overlord of Future of Tradition, Mezmer Society, and Baraka Mundi

"just told my mom about the block head trick. She almost passed out from my description..."
Todd Gardner

"Hi Mab,

wanted to tell you that it was an absolute blast working with you and attending your workshop this weekend.

It really resonated with me when you spoke of social anxiety and you inspire me to keep on fighting my own issues. Wonderful You!"
Amanda Button (Alternacirque - Columbia, SC)

2 thoughts on “Testimonials!

  1. I saw your show in Pittsburgh and was completely riveted! I’m still squirming at the thought of that balloon. Thanks so much for making it out to da ‘burgh, and I hope to see you again soon!

  2. Mab, my little faerie queen, my first drum teacher, and Guinness buddy…you rock shugah, and I adore you to pieces. I cant wait to see you again..So good to talk to you again…
    Olivia wants the cats…hahahah muah

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