Mab’s Mobile Midway

Bringing the Midway to you!

Add a circus feel to your event! Photobooth, Games, and a Cabinet of Curiosities! Actual oddities! Check back often to see where the midway is playing next.

Cabinet of Curiosities with Russell Bruner!

Some of the booths you might find on Mab’s Mobile Midway!

Oddities Petting Zoo, Games, Photobooth, Tarot Reader, all the joys and wonders you are missing from your life.

NEW GAMES! Old favorites!

1459062_590924817639923_1036429364_nTest your skill with launched projectiles at Bang Bang Pew Pew

The Wild West Space Opera in Space with Dinosaurs GAME! You saw the show last year, now play the game! Toss hover lassos to capture the wayward dinosaurs and save them from the questionable intent of the space tentacle monster!

The Peek-a-Torium is a classic “mug booth”. Make faces and get your peekture snapped. Walk away with a photostrip!1497440_590924860973252_1541601054_n

Our Cabinet of Curiosities open for for all! It’s an Oddities Petting Zoo! You can actually touch the exhibits!HEAR! What other people are saying about Mab’s Mobile Midway!

“Scientists combined the genetic materials of P.T. Barnum, Rod Serling, Phyllis Diller and Lisa Lampanelli. Form that material they created a mostly human creature. That creature is Mab Just Mab. Your life will be richer and fuller should you see Mab’s Mobile Midway! Warning – It Can Never Be Unseen !” – Mick Carnett – owner of Turtle Creek Coffee (Columbia, SC)


Each booth structure is approximately 61.4 ” H x 17.75 ” W x 37.4 ” D. When considering the footprint, there needs to be some space around them for people to move. Additionally, the photo booth needs a bit more space for the backdrop and room between the backdrop and the camera.The booth set ups are quick and easy, and perfect for backyard parties!

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