Hi!  Welcome to the Auctions portion of the website! if you are new here, go ahead and sign up (register).  It's free!  And I won't send you emails.  🙂 Current Auctions: Guest List for a YEAR! I am auctioning off a special “Guest List for a Year” pass! At the moment, you can get guest list for a year for only $10! that’s 12 month’s of shows for the price of ONE! The bearer of this pass is on the guest list for any show that I’m in for a year (starting from the date of issue). All you have to do is text me that you are coming to the show, and I’ll put your name on the guest list! I do several shows a month, most of them local. This offer is also valid for any show out of town too! At $10 a show, that can add up! In my head, it’s kind of like a Groupon or Living Social thing. This is a great item for anyone who likes to see a variety of variety shows! (this is the first time I’m trying this out…if it works out, I’ll offer another one next year!) BID NOW!

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