Cheeky Monkey Sideshow – Show of Support!

Cheeky Monkey Sideshow - Show of SupportIt’s no secret that the weirdos of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow are superheroes. We have chosen to use our powers of doing the weird stuff for good! Putting ourselves in danger, not only for your entertainment, but to support our fellow citizens!

We’re keeping up the momentum from the Women’s March, by having a fundraiser/benefit for Planned Parenthood. Every cent we raise during the show will go to support Planned Parenthood.

We will make change! And BE the change!

Every bill that you staple to Swami YoMahmi, we will wipe the blood off and donate.

Every bit of cash that you toss in the bucket to see if Sally Cinch will get skewered by swords will be sewn back together and donated!

Every beer you buy Mab, she will drunkenly loose track of her frugal nature and dump the entire contents of her wallet into the tip jar.

Every twenty you kick in on raffle tickets will not only net you a higher chance of winning our incentive bribe box, but will be used to help the good folks of Planned Parenthood.

We know every single one of you has super powers too! Come on out and be heroes with us! #ShowYourSupport

Doors at 8; show at 9.

Advanced tickets: $15; DOS: $20