Start your engines, folks!

Gearing up for the busy season! Gonna hit the ground running! Will be posting more details about everything soon. Mostly making a note here to keep it square in my head!

This weekend, Saturday, March 28, Monster Madhouse Wounded Warriors benefit show with the Gorelesque girls at Hard Time Cafe in Manassas. VA. I will be MCing, and doing some of your favorite sideshow acts.

Next weekend, April 4th, The Lovers, the Dreamers, and you. I’ll be bringing out a brand spankin’ NEW ACT! The only hint you get is: The Dark Crystal Method.

The weekend after that? April 11th, Yuri’s night! I’m tickled and giddy that I was cast this year.

week after that, April 17th, Burlesque Hall of Fame show up in Baltimore.
glad I can support them.

week after ~that~? I’ll be in London for 8 days.
fuck. yeah.

the second I land?
yeah. gig town.
May 9th Peek-a-boo revue Beer tour.
Details coming soon

week after that show, May 17th, one day Baltimore Faerie Fest. The Goblin Embassy will be there! Azog too!
Wedji might show up.

weekend after that, May 22-24, is ABSFest in Asheville. Bringing the Photobooth.

weekend after that May 29-31 is VABSFest in Richmond. I will be MCing the Saturday night show.

weekend after that is off.

but the weekend after ~that~, June 13-14, is MD Faerie Fest. Goblin Embassy,

weekend after that, June 19-21 is the Snake Oil Fest in NOLA. AThey asked me to teach a class

Week after that is NYFaerie Fest – June 25-28. beautiful site. great people.

I’m off 4th o July weekend. and then after that is the Capital Fringe fest. The Cheeky Monkey’s have a show, details TBD