Weirdo Show Returns + Another Vaudevillian Wedding!

It’s here! September! A month to be filled with Pumpkin Spice ~EVERYTHING~ and more shows than you can shake a pumpkin spice muffin at.

Time to hit the ground running!

This week:


Friday, September 6, 2013 –
@ Windup Space – Baltimore, MD

nuptialesqueRSVP to your save the dates because a wedding is in town. Not just any old boring wedding people…..Nuptialesque!

Nuptialesque is a Burlesque and Sideshow revel that is celebrating the wedding of all weddings. The love and union of Alexis de la Rosa and Aaron Bush. Yep these two crazy kids are tying the knot. Don’t know these people? Who the hell cares! It’s your chance to be Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn and crash a wedding. Now since some of us have been banished to the bar to wait out the festivities for being too rowdy, we decided to create our own party. So let’s cue the bridal march and throw glitter flowers on the stage. Walking down the aisle on this wonderful occasion is:

The bridesmaids removed for being too raunchy and smelling like peach schnapps, Gilded Lily’s own

The crazy clown lady that’s always ready bust out her bag of tricks, D.C.’s own sideshow girl

The southern bell showing too much leg, straight from New Orleans

Richmond’s own SLOMSKI CABARET will provide a range of marriage advice from the newlyweds MARK SLOMSKI and BISTY BUTTONS to BUSTER BRITCHES telling you how to never sleep on a bed of nails. That’s code for not to go to bed when you’re angry.

Doors open at 7pm
Show starts at 8pm
Admission: $12

This show is also followed by Alexis & Aaron’s Nuptial After-Party with more performances including:


Show starts @ 11pm
Admission: $20

**This is a Holliday Special Event **

Return of the Weirdo Show

weirdo Show Banner

Saturday, September 7, 2013 –
@ Bier Baron – Washington, DC


weirdo Show ReturnsLadies and Gentlemen! Boys and Girls! You can finally exhale, The Weirdo Show returns to Washington DC! After an all too long hiatus, The Weirdo Show is back in the saddle and raring to go. With a line up that certainly cant be missed

Professor Sprocket is taking back the DC stage as the host. Known best as a founder of the original Weirdo Show and billed as “The Talker of Renown,” he will offer pitches, lectures, acts, and various amusements. He’ll keep you rapt you in attention through this thrillride of the show!

Mab Just Mab is DC’s own sideshow girl! A performer from the original Weirdo Show, she will make you gasp in amazement while trying to catch your breath laughing!

Jim Dandy is a circus clown gone horribly wrong. Known for his impeccable juggling skills, bizarre sense of humor, and his infamous geek act, Jim Dandy is one act you don’t want to miss!

Alex Doll: Meet the deviously dainty carnival darling, Alex Doll! Hailing from DC, don’t miss your chance to see this LIVING DOLL in the flesh!

Reverend Valentine is a renowned burlesque performer in and outside of DC, as well a performer in the original Weirdo Show! You can always count on Reverend Valentine to put the “ASS” in “CL-ASS-Y” and you never know what she will do next!

The ever so mysterious and eclectic Trenda Mi Wild will hypnotize you with her dance moves and powerful energy! You will want to see what all the hullabaloo is about!

and a very special guest performer…

ZAMORA THE TORTURE KING! Featured in Shocked and Amazed! On and Off The Midway, a sideshow legend graces the Bier Baron! Through his knowledge of martial arts techniques, hypnosis, Middle-Eastern teachings, science and anatomy, he is able to overcome dangerous situations – fire eating, sharp swords, body skewering, electrification and more- to emerge unscathed and unharmed,
and all in the name of entertainment.

All this entertainment and a fantastic libation selection at the Bier Baron! You will forget the money you spent, but you remember this show for the rest of your life! Don’t miss out!

Doors at 8:30pm, show at 10:00pm.
Tickets $10 advance and $12 night of the show

Advance ticket sales!

Saturday, September 14th, 2013 – ZouZou Review

@Bier Baron – Washington, DC

Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6, 2013 – Cheeky Monkey Sideshow at the Ren Faire
@Maryland Renaissance Festival @Fortune Stage – Annapolis, MD