This Weekend? Cheeky Petting Zoo & Burly-Q Hobbits

125x125ad-03Did you know that The Big Hunt what one of the few places you could see freaky variety shows before the great Palace of Wonders appeared on the scene. Well, we’re back! Get intimate with the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow tomorrow night! I’m bringing some of my newest oddities! and if you ask me really nicely, I might even let you touch them 😉 yes. they are real.


BUT WAIT! there’s MORE!


SUNDAY is the return of the Lord of the Pasties: The Two Tassels. We are invading Baltimoredor! Hobbits and Elves, goblins, Uruk Hai, dwarves, Wizards, Riders of Rhohan, and even an Ent. You won’t believe your eyes. This show usually sells out! They are not offering pre-sale tickets at the Windup Space, so get there early!