The Future is NOW!

I was down in New Orleans when the news hit. Texts started streaming in until my phone died from overuse.

Palace of Wonders

The Place closing marks the passing of a piece of history. Vaudeville has never really gone away. It always seems to find it’s way in the most unlikely places. This area has a love for live entertainment and we were finding places to perform before the Palace opened. We will find other places to perform after it’s closed.

Yet, few were as dedicated to the variety arts as the Palace.

The Palace was the springboard for so many performers. Regular variety shows increased the visibility of the art form. They allowed producers to try new material, including Capital Tassels & Tease, and my own DCVariety Open Mic, two great regular opportunities to showcase new and upcoming talent.

Brightest Young Things did a great retrospective piece that has a ton of great photos.

For me, though, this is a great opportunity to take a much needed break from the crazy every other day pace of shows, and focus on my upcoming comic book, building out my mobile midway, and touring.

With the closing of the Red Place, the DC (and beyond) community is all a-buzz with what’s going to happen next! Everyone want’s to know where the performers will go.

Brandon Weatherbee, Huffington Post writer, and talk show host, interviewed me for this article that features some of the shows you can find in January. Some AMAZING shows.  *read the article to see what’s coming up!

For me? This is just another chapter in the life of a Vaudevillian.
No time to stand still, there’s fun to make!

I love you Palace.

Thank you.

The Red Place is closed. LONG LIVE THE PALACE!