This Weekend in the Adventures of Mab!

Gearing up for a super busy funtime weekend! wanna know what I’m up to? I could drop hints, but how about I just tell you?
– Saturday Day: At the Maryland Renaissance Festival, working it with the my Cheeky Monkey Sideshow family. This is the last weekend of Faire, and last chance to see Ye Olde Cheeky Monkeys.

– Saturday Night is Raven’s NIght! spook show, freak show, geek show, dance show!

 at the Birchemire in Alexandria VA. This list of stars in this show is long. so let me tell you that any one or two of these acts alone is worth the price of admission! I’ll be entertaining the masses and bringing out some of my close up acts which don’t get much play. rare chance to see some Sideshow, up close, and personal. 😉

and I’m back Sunday for the FINAL DAY of the Maryland Ren Faire. Traditionally known as the “Day of Wrong”. I have no idea what’s going to happen. but I do know you won’t want to miss it.

now, if you are not going to be going to the faire, you can always check out our favorite Sunday morning mischief spot, the Red Palace’s Wonder Brunch!