Vrtlog Vira and a Wave of Mutilation

My body aches from rehearsing the hell out of my new glasswalking piece.

This new number is pushing me so far past what I normally do on so many levels.
I have cuts, bruises and scratches in new and exciting places. At one point, I couldn’t tell if that was a new scar or an old one. (How did a piece of glass end up exactly in an old scar?)

The table adds a whole new level of danger to the glasswalk.
Glasswalking had become, well, “easy” isn’t the right word, but definitely comfortable (and in a strange way, even comforting).
Getting up on that table the first time w/ all the glass, I suddenly felt the anxiety and apprehension I felt when I first started. There is no where to step off quickly if something goes wrong. There is nowhere to wipe my feet if a piece gets stuck (and there usually is at least one determined piece that sticks). And even though the table is longer than my old pile of glass, I have a more confined space to work with.

Another thing that wasn’t anticipated, since the table is six feet long, I needed more glass. Never did I think I would get to the point where 100 pounds of broken glass would not be enough. Over the years, after breaking new glass for every performance, my original glass pile has nearly doubled. I had been pouring off the extra when the bucket fills, so fortunately, I had a second stash.

When I first heard August Hoerr play this song, this number was all I could see. I knew almost exactly what I was going to do but it still has taken me longer to write this piece than any of my other routines. Getting it out of my head and into the reality that makes use of the laws of physics has been a challenge! And now it’s time to send it out to the world, see what happens.

Tonight, I’m test driving it at Clown Cabaret, and then officially premiering my brand new glasswalking number down in Richmond at Buster Britches Voodoo Sideshow on Friday.

Hope this works. Wish me luck.