Intergalactic Speakeasy…done right!

I’ve always been a fan of the Richmond PLF and the DC Mischief crews, so when they teamed up to create the super party, you know I was first in line!  I’ll be bringing out some classic sideshow and my sweet, sweet uke love!  You won’t want to miss this! Just don’t tell anyone, ok?  It’ll be our little secret.  😉

Intergalactic Speakeasy

The Warehouse Loft


SECRET Password: Blind Pig

411 New York Ave NE
Washington, DC
9:00 pm – 4:00 am

$15 presale
$20 at the door

Where can sophisticated universal hitchhikers get a decent martini in this sector of the galaxy?
Only at The Milky Way Caberet!

– Live Performances (Burlesque, magic, hoop, sideshow)
– Fully immersive period based decor
– Live vocal Jazz
– Swinging DJ Beats
– Photo booth by Ian Graham

Your Mischievous Hosts:


DRESS CODE: Intergalactic SpeakEasy! flapper dresses, vests, evening dresses, boas, long pearl necklaces, fans, Zoot Suits, spats (white canvas or vinyl shoe covers), fedoras…all tied together with something from the future!.
Intergalactic Speakeasy Rules and Codes of Conduct –

– Please Speak-Easy
– You MUST know the password to get in
– Do not tell anyone where you are going, or who you are going with
– Everyone must use an alias
– No discussions about Bootlegging in ANY galaxy is allowed inside the Speakeasy
– If anyone see’s Gatsby, please ask him to leave. That man can’t be trusted.
– All cigar and pipe smoking must be done outside on the balcony, with pinky fingers raised
– There will only be 400 tickets sold to this exclusive event, don’t forget to bring yours!
– Please exit the Intergalactic Speakeasy quietly, we don’t want the coppers to find out

The Milky Way Cabaret show room brimming with Burlesque! Magic! Jazz!

MCs Parker Galore & Miss Debbi, La Dolce Diva providing commentary, comedy, and the occasional song and dance…
▲ Abby Nightingale and the Drivers – Live vocal Jazz
▲ Mab Just Mab (Sideshow Queen; ukelele, glass walking)
▲ David Meneses (Magician)
▲ Miss Randi Leigh (Drag Queen; vocalist)
▲ Zoe Jackson (singer/songwriter)
▲ Moose (sword swallowing)
▲ Miss Joule (Burlesque, hoop, fire eating)
▲ Karma Jane (contortion; burlesque; hoops)
▲ The Muse (Burlesque; belly dancing)

Interstellar swinging future-sounds in the Andromeda Dancehall provided by:

▲ Mr. Jennings, PLF/Richmond
▲ Michael NightTime, PLF/Philly
▲ Sequoia – Mischief, Disorient/DC
▲ Reinhold – PLF/Richmond
▲ Dustin – Mischief/DC
▲ Barney Iller – Mischief/NYC
▲ Sleez-E – Acoustic Combustion/DC

And as always, more antics and surprises around every corner!


Coming from out of this solar system for the Intergalactic Speakeasy? Or, just want a place to crash afterwards? There is a Quality Inn, literally right next door to the venue: