Impending DOOOOM!

The adventure is about to begin! This weekend hanging with hoards of my favorite peoples at Alternacirque's Festival of Doom! - should be noted: Repub. Pres. hopefuls congregating at the same time. coincidence? Next week, hitting the road w/ my beloved Accidental Circus family for our 10th Anniversary.
  • Wednesday!  Accidental Circus & Bombs Away Cabaret! One Night Only! in Asheville (Also Paul Garbanzo's Birthday!) @ The Magnetic Fields Theatre
  • Thursday! Charleston, SC w/ Opening the show will be Charleston's own Whisky Diablo and burlesque beauties Evelyn DeVere and Plume de Paname of Carnivalesque. @Jimbo's Rock Lounge
Impending doom indeed!  Will there be any survivors? dun dun duuuuuunnnnnnn