Happy New Year!

After laying low for a chunk of December, it’s time to show off what I’ve been working on!!  NEW ACTS! NEW COSTUMES! NEW PROPS! NEW YEAR!

Accidental Circus show in Richmond, VA Dec 30New Year = fun times! I have a bevy of good time options for you! For my Richmond peeps, how about a little Accidental Circus & Friends Holiday ExtravaganzApocalypse? that would be on New Years Eve EVE! So you can still get you regular party on that special night! BTW! Save some scratch & pick up tickets ahead of time! http://mabjustmab.com/concessionstand/tickets/accidental-circus-friends-holiday-extravaganzapocalypse/


And there is only one way for DC’s own Sideshow Girl to ring in the new, at the one & only Red Palace w/ DoctorLucky Phd, Scotty Blue Bunny Grabell, Miss Joule, Paco Fish & Marla Meringue and more! The Palace BALL DROP! This show is almost sold out!  GET TICKETS NOW!