DCVariety Social Aide Society Benefit & Mab’s Birthday!

Come out for an evening of Fun, Variety and Good Deeds!

DCVariety Social Aide Society was created to provide a safety net for uninsured variety artists, primarily in the DC Metro area. The organization is funded solely on donations, and powered by volunteers.

The name was inspired by the turn of the century organizations that would throw parties to help out other members of the community when they were in need. It was what people did before there was health insurance.

And you are invited to a benefit at the Red Palace (DC), Friday evening, Sept. 16th.

This event will serve 3 purposes.
1. to pad the DCV safety net fund. If we get enough of a seed, we can turn over administration of the fund to a proper fund management organization.
2. to raise awareness of the fund and the need that it fills and
3. to celebrate Mab, Just Mab’s birthday! (The best gift I can think of is supporting variety artists when they need it most!)

While the fund is small now, I hope to see it grow to the point where it can sustain itself! From the money we raised last April, we saved 2 local artists from eviction, and helped out Jellyboy (a sideshow performer who plays at the Palace) while he was in a coma! Not bad for such a small start!

The night will be filled with a wide array of variety artists to give the audience a great sampler of the amazing talent that’s right here in DC.
Tom Goss
Marla Meringue
Charlie Artful
Clown Cabaret
Swami Yo
Eva Brontosaurs
Blanca Chingamiga
Flora Bush
Tittie Roosevelt
Vic Brisbin
Paco Fish
David London

We will be bringing back the auction! This is your chance to get artwork, hand crafted items, and more all while supporting a good cause!

Some of the items up for bid:

A tiny top hat from Miss Malibu, Framed photographs from Cheryl Fair, Jennifer Foley and Stereovision (these will be AUTOGRAPHED by some of your favorite performers!) There are also cakes by Petra Precocious, and Tittie Roosevelt! Deanna Danger’s handmade pasties & one free class offered up by the Boom Boom Basics Burlesque Studio in Richmond, VA! There’s a costume jacket from Marla Meringue as well as a fascinator and signed photo from Reverend Valentine! More costuming includes pasties and a fascinator from Spanky Roundbottom! There is also artwork from Todd Gardner, John Dimes, and Dale Hunt!

And one of the best prizes in the world… a date with Mab Just Mab! You’ll tell your grand kids about this one!

Stay tuned for updates, and come to the show, for there will be many more surprises!

Spread the word!
and I’ll see you at the Palace!

This show is going to be amazing! You might want to get your tickets ahead of time: http://redpalacedc.com/calendar/dcvariety-social-aide-society-benefit/