pastie-aid - April 15th, 2011Pastie-Aid, a benefit for local uninsured variety performers, will be putting the “fun” in “emergency relief fund” at the Red Palace.

Whether you’re twirling a tassle, juggling fire or snapping a mousetrap on your tongue it’s good to know you’ve got insurance. Recently DC’s own sideshow girl, Mab, just Mab found out the hard way when, while on tour, she chipped a tooth. She ended up having to use rent money to pay for emergency dental work. While she was able to recover, she realized many of the local burlesque, vaudeville and variety communities are uninsured and working part-time jobs and may not be so lucky. So, with the help of Hope Operas founder Chris Griffin, she decided to create Pastie-Aid, an emergency fund for local variety, vaudeville and burlesque performers.

There will be a benefit performance and auction on Friday to kick-start the Fund.

Performers include:

Mab, just Mab
Eva Brontosaurus
Swami YoMahmi
Spanky Roundbottom
Wham Bam Pam
Moira Lee
Paco Fish
Tony Apollo
Miss Joule

Auction items include:
artwork by:
Todd Gardner
Jared Davis
Scott Brooks
Steve Strawn
signed copies of James Taylor’s sideshow book, “Shocked and Amazed”
homemade hoop by Miss Joule
a belly dacning lesson from Belladonna
an accordion lesson from Baska D’Joy
a tiiny tophat from Malibu

More performers and auction items may be added between now and showtime!!!


Friday, April 15
Red Palace
1210 H Street, NE
doors @ 9:00 p.m.
show @ 10:00 p.m.