The Lull – Now With 200% More Explosions!

For some strange reason, there are seemingly inexplicable lulls in my schedule.  This is one of them.

I tend to not complain too much as they come like little vacations and give me time to catch up on the infinite minute bits that collect like rabid dust bunnies in the corner of my studio.  Bits of costumes, promo materials, 1/2 written scripts, lonely website, etc all asking for chunks of my time.

This is a good opportunity to tell you what’s been happening and what’s coming down the line!

The Soundry

Last week was all about the Soundry.  I love that place!  Art and coffee and amazing people.  UkeCordionPocalypse was asked to model for Dr. Sketchy’s.  ~That~ was an experience!  We had the hardest time not laughing at each other.  There is something alchemical when Baska and I share a space. When you look into your band-mate’s eyes, do you see empathy?  or MURDER?  Sometimes there are explosions.

Speaking of explosions…I ate fire @the Soundry’s Art Carnage on Saturday!  The space is an old auto body shop, so no worries about burning anything down.  It struck me that it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to eat fire.  There are fewer and fewer venues every day that permit it!  And what kills me (besides the carcinogenic fuel I swallow every time I eat fire) is my new fire eating routine is really coming along!  The script was almost dead on! Oh well. Guess I’ll have to switch to fake fire.  😉  ooooor find a new fire friendly venue….

Kiss My UkeKiss My Uke :: Sideshow Shenanigans

If you haven’t heard about my St. Patrick’s day show, first, slap yourself on the head, and then click here!  I’m really looking forward to this one!  Not only is it one of the holy days of drinking one’s self into oblivion, the show itself is going to be through the roof!  UkeCordionPocalypse is finally sharing the stage with one of my uke mentors, Mark Slomski!  oh, I know what you are thinking….that certainly is roof raising worthy, two great ukes sharing the stage at the same time…but really, is it all that?  The answer is YES!  But wait!  There’s more!  We have burly-q by Rev. Valentine (you can never un-see the glories she will show you) and deadly belly-d by Mavi (who assures me she hasn’t had any fatalities in 2011).  Every single person on that stage will be worth the price of admission by themselves.  So add them all together?  Explosions.  Yeah.  It’s like that.

You know I speak true when I say things like “this is one of the shows you won’t want to miss”.  And I know you will weep and sob when the show has come and gone and you are left wanting.  And then I’ll take you by the hand and say things like “next time you’ll listen to me, right?”  Save yourself the trouble.  Go to this show.

p. s. there might be cool “uke love” buttons for sale at the show!

p. p. s. super secret possible bonus uke workshop that weekend.  I will post more info as it develops!

Sideshow Benefit – April 15th

On April 15th I’ll be teaming up with Chris Griffin (of Eva Brontosaurus fame) to host a benefit and auction for local variety artists that have no health insurance.  There will be sideshow artifacts to bid on, live performances by some of your local favorites, and stacks of fun to take home!  We are still working out the details on this, but you should put it on your calendar now!

There summer is packed already.  March may be slow, but April is insane.  Isn’t there some saying about lion’s and lambs relating to March?  I think I got it backwards.

Lovin’ the Vaudeville Life!