Your opportunity to own sideshow history!

Hey folks! since sideshow folk don’t have health or dental insurance, we are forced to think of creative ways to generate emergency revenue in times of need. well, now is one of those times. For a LIMITED TIME! I am offering a piece of sideshow history!
Genuine sideshow artifact!
Actual Broken Glass that was walked upon by Mab, Just Mab

I have been a glass walker for quite a few years. And since I smash between one and three bottles every show, what started as a modest pile of broken glass has grown to more glass than I can carry around!

Now is your opportunity! You can own your very own piece of sideshow history! I can personally guarantee that this glass was seen on stage, breaking beneath my tender feet. You can see the broken shards UP CLOSE! If you ever wondered if I treat the glass I walk on, or if it is made of sugar, this is your chance to see what it really looks like! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is REAL GLASS!

I am offering a limited number of these. Right now, I only have 10! Each one is signed and numbered!

Each one comes complete with a card depicting Mab (me!) walking on the offered glass.

This would be a great edition to any collection! Great conversation started! You too can have a real sideshow exhibit in your home!

at only $20 it\’s a hell of a bargain!
shipping & handling $10

GET YOURS NOW! I do not know when I will be offering this again!

(click picture for larger version!)

GET YOURS NOW! I do not know when I will be offering this again!

Also on the block!!

I am auctioning off a special “Guest List for a Year” pass! all you have to do is register on my website (I won’t send you email and it costs nothing.) and put in a bid! at the moment, you can get guest list for a year for only $10! that’s 12 month’s of shows for the price of ONE!

The bearer of this pass is on the guest list for any show that I’m in for a year (starting from the date of issue). All you have to do is text me that you are coming to the show, and I’ll put your name on the guest list!

I do several shows a month, most of them local. This offer is also valid for any show out of town too! At $10 a show, that can add up! In my head, it’s kind of like a Groupon or Living Social thing.

This is a great item for anyone who likes to see a variety of variety shows!

(this is the first time I’m trying this out…if it works out, I’ll offer another one next year!)

and if you don’t want to pick up a genuine sideshow artifact, you can still donate here!