Kiss my Uke: Sideshow Shenanigans

Roll up Ladies and Gents to the Luckiest Sideshow in Town! For your entertainment, and dare we say, edification, the Red Palace presents a bevy of backroom beauties and beaus to tickle yer senses while you douse yer thirst with a dram o’ the luckiest stout in this two horse town.

Prepare yourself for a ukulele filled, hip swiveling, tassel twirling, sideshow spectacle from a group of performers that all have a whee bit of Irish in them, or want to end the night with a bit of Irish in them.

Kiss My Uke - March 17th at the Red Palace - DC

Step right up and let your senses delight in:

UkeCordionPocalypse – The Uke and the Accordion, together again to rediscover why they broke up in the first place! The semi-sober stylings of Mab, Just Mab & Miss Baska D’Joy, those red hot Honer honeys, and the music that made your Grandma show off her ankles and your Granpa sour his kraut.  Both these lovely ladies have been known to be of loose morals when plied with the juice of the barley.  Do not expose to direct sunlight!

Mark Slomski – More uke than you can shake a shillelagh at!  Making music marinated in the finest whiskey, this brash young lad is ready to set your trews on fire with only three chords.   Watch it lasses, he’sa rouge of the best kind.  The gift of a tongue of silver, and the eyes of a sinner.  Stir before serving!

Mavi – Not to be taken internally!  Mavi is a wonder for the senses as she swivels her way hither and yon across the stage and into your very soul.  Mavi is the dancer your sainted mother warned you about, and the dark secret your father kept.  Can good luck be this bad for you?  Yes it can!

Reverend Valentine – Not afflicted with Holy Mother Church, but one Holy Mutther, the good Reverend is the most disrespectful burly-q known to nuns.  A high ranking Sister of the Perpetual Motion Tassel, she’s here to help you rediscover what fun can be had by kneeling.  Say three Hail Marys, and pray you see the morning!  Discontinue use of irritation occurs!

Kiss my Uke: Sideshow Shenanigans
Thursday, March 17th
@ The Red Palace
1210 H St. NE, Washington DC.
Only $10!
:: Ages 21+ ::
Doors 8:00pm / Show 9:00pm