Accidental Circus Post Hypno-Holiday Tour Details!

In just a few short days, I will be joining my long-time circus family, the indomitable Accidental Circus, for a whirlwind 8 cities in 8 days tour!

Many of my fans have been hounding me to come to their neck of the woods, and I promise I’m working on it! Help a sideshow girl out, tell all your friends about the Accidental Circus shows that are in your area! You, being super hip and savvy to all know who would benefit the most from mind blowing circus, sideshow, music, vaudeville goodness.

Also, if you have suggestions about where to send promo, like radio stations, newspapers, websites, etc, drop me a line with the appropriate info (city, contact name, email, etc)

So, re-post! Re-post! RE-POST!
Spread the Accidental Circus…joy to everyone!

Post-Hypnotic Holiday Tour

January 13, 2011 The Red Palace, Washington, DC ages 21+ show time 9pm $10.
Formerly The Palace of Wonders opening it’s doors again for side-show fun!

January 14, 2011 Roxy n’ Dukes Dunellen, NJ

January 15, 2011 Asbury Lanes, Asbury Park, NJ

January 16, 2011 Balliceaux Richmond, VA
Not only will it be our fearless director, Paolo Garbanzo’s birthday, but we will be doing a show in his home town! The venue is small, so come out early! Somebody get that juggler a beer!
Buy tickets!$10.50 pre-sale, $15 day of show.
BUT WAIT!! your 15$ ticket buys you a beer and food!

January 20, 2011 The Relix Variety, Knoxville, TN

January 21, 2011 The Exit Inn, Nashville, TN. Tickets: 15$

January 22, 2011 Barking Legs Theatre, Chattanooga, TN

January 23, 2011 Red Light Cafe, Atlanta, GA Tickets: 12$