Halloween is the best time of the year for Sideshow Folk!

what is going on? I will tell you.

Friday night the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow will be at the National Zoo event Night of the Living Zoo πŸ™‚ this is going to be AWESOME!!! I get to play at the ZOO!! AT NIGHT!!! I can’t say this isn’t a childhood dream. what kid hasn’t wanted to play at the zoo after hours? hmm? do the penguins take off the tuxedos? do the lions play cards with the tigers? I will finally get to find out!

yes. I am going to go to the March/Rally. I’m going as Wedji TuCheeks. I feel that it is important for the Green (skin) Party to have representation there. there are rumored to be other Orcs and Goblins showing up. and an accordion. πŸ™‚

Saturday Night:
Voodoo Nights Burlesque show with musical guests, the Ubangis! (I love those guys!!!)
this is gonna be an insane show. there’s a lot of events going on in town that night, hard to pick and choose. but to further entice you, Wedji will be doing her FIRST EVER! bar gig! I am dying to know what happens after she’s had a few….*drinkie-poo motion* if you know what I mean….