DCVariety – Pickpockets and Loose Women

Fun Fact: I have the best job ever!

I get to bring awesome new stuff that folks haven’t had the chance to see at the Palace before.   And while I say this nearly every month, the folks who make it out to DCVariety know I speak the truth.  This month’s show is gonna be AMAZING!

DCVariety has become a little hidden weeknight treat of a gem of new and spectacular entertainment that you don’t get to see on the weekends.

Come enjoy an evening of outrageous comedy, amazing magic, variety acts and naughty but nice burlesque with a turn-of-the-century medicine show theme at DC’s own “Palace of Wonders.”

Richmond’s own “Pickpockets and Loose Women” will be starring as part of the DCVariety Showcase and doing teasers of our full evening show.

– Enjoy Doc Hezekiah Volz (world champion magician Larry Volz) as the slick snake oil selling sleight of h…and scoundrel as he levitates, ruminates, cogitates and illuminates you with his priceless gems of wisdom… as he lops off his own bloody arm for your entertainment pleasure.

– Wipe off your glasses for an eye full of the gorgeous and delightful Miss Di Wreckshun (film and television actress Heather Bailey) as she performs her scandelous, sexy and sometimes surprisingly funny fan dance.

– Marvel at the fabulous Miss Bea Havin (belly dance star Khalima) as she mesmerizes you with her exotic Egyptian belly dance to a hilarious and original song written just for her by (in part) Groucho Marx himself!

– Fresh from her Capital Tassels and Tease show, DD Cupcakes — the Bon Bon Bomshell that has been giving DC a sweet tooth! Made of sugar and spice (and everything nice) her humorous routines and double D personality are sure to excite and leave you wanting seconds.”

– And a special added bonus Surprise! that we set on fire for you!

– Hosted by DC’s own brilliant and talented Mab Just Mab!

And because you love seeing Mab suffer, back again is everyone’s favorite spot of mid-show entertainment: “Make Mab Laugh
Do you think you have what it takes to make the Mistress of Misery, the Princess of Pain, the Jaded and Bitter Glasswalking Sideshow Girl, Mab, Just Mab crack a smile?
Try your luck, and your best material!
(And before you even think about, she’s not ticklish.)
Super-Fabulous-Amazing-Wondrous Prizes awarded to the winner!

Bring your funny bone but keep your hand on your wallet because… well… you DID read the name of the show right?…

Tickets $10