The Accidental Circus is Back!

It’s that time of year again!  The time where I get to play with some of my oldest/dearest circus buddies!

These are the folks that inspire and enable.  You hear me talking about them all the time.  Now is your chance to see my circus family!  You get a WHOLE LOTTA SHOW for only $10!

Who: Re-united! The Accidental Circus:

  • Paolo Garbanzo, Jester of England
  • Mab Just Mab, DC’s Own Sideshow     Girl
  • The Mezmer Society, Asheville, NC
  • Sidetracked Theatre, Philadelphia,     PA

July 15 Washington, DC, Palace of Wonders
July 16 Philly, PA. O’Neal’s Pub
July 17 Philly, PA. Magic Garden!

January 13 Alexandria, VA. Birchmere.
January 20 Knoxville, TN.
January 21 Nashville, TN.
January 22 Chattanooga, TN.
January 23 Asheville, NC.

Join The Accidental Circus for an evening of Darwinism in Action and luscious cabaret. Making collaborative mayhem since 2002, these travelers are reuniting on tour in July 2010 and January of 2011. This show promises danger, humor, beauty, song, progressive political humor, and weird social commentary—and all in just one act!

Ringleader and juggler extraordinaire Paolo Garbanzo is the first American ever to become the jester of a European castle. He tours Europe and the US, presenting his original comedic material in three languages. Historical, hysterical, satirical, and interactive, this multi-skilled Renaissance man leads the circus as Benevolent Dictator for Life.

Mab Just Mab, DC’s Sideshow Girl, combines artistry and pain to create hilarious and compelling entertainment. A glasswalker, blockhead, escape artist, and ukulele fanatic, she is a tenured freak at DC’s notorious sideshow venue and museum, The Palace of Wonders. Mab has been featured in several documentaries and books on the sideshow revival, and performs solo, with the Accidental Circus, and with the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow.

The Mezmer Society demonstrates to the general public that, after a 60 year hiatus, it is once more permissible to dance to an accordion. Hard-riding highwaymen of mayhem, they preach the Mezmer gospel throughout the States. Debaucherous bellydance, unpredictability, torchsongs, and sinister accordion playing are blended at high speed into a tall, cool, glass of delicious intoxication. Great for geeks, goths, and anyone who likes to sport a sombrero on national holidays.

Sidetracked is a two-woman team from Philadelphia that entices the crowd with high-integrity, rapid-fire, comedic storytelling. They bring their considerable presence to bear on any audience, rejuvenating the classic Vaudeville genre with contemporary subject matter and sensibility.

Dazzle your loved ones… Invite your enemies because, well, when 5 knives are in the air, accidents can happen. After all, we are the Accidental Circus.

Accidental Circus
Paolo Garbanzo
The  Mezmer Society: Luscious Cabaret & Balkan Ruckus
Mab Just Mab
Sidetracked Theatre