Begin the Summer Touring Adventure!

Greetings, fellow adventurers!

This weekend marks that last moment of breath time before my summer season of shows kicks off.  Grab your calendars and get busy reserving some of these dates!  Ready?  Here we go!

dcvariety june17Thu Jun 17         9pm – 10pm    
DCVariety @ the Palace of Wonders

In addition to it being the regular night of amazing DC Variety acts, it is also the Universe Premier of the UKECORDIONPOCALYSE!!!!
UkeCordionPocalypse is my new music adventure.  Teaming up with longtime buddy, and fellow belligerent drunk, Baska D’Joy (and her accordion), this duo promises to sour your karut in the most disturbing of ways.

cmss5Fri Jun 18         10pm – 11pm    
Cheeky Monkey Sideshow 5 Year Anniversary show!

Five Freaking Years!  Holy cow.  I must really like these guys!  
The whole, entire, complete mass of Cheeky Monkeys will be assembled in one place, at one time, for one night.  And is that enough for you? No?  (it never is!)  That’s why we will be including audience favorite, Sabrina Chap as our special guest artist!  
Now how much would you pay?  while this would normally be a $20 show, we are keeping the ticket price down, to $10.  Wanna save even more?  well, we cheeky monkeys hear you!  That’s why Swami Yomahmi has devised a devious money saving scheme for all you rabid Cheeky Monkey Sideshow Fans!  this is where you learn more! (and yes, you have to be a facebooker for participate)

schlapenticklesoundry2Sat Jun 19         9pm – 10pm    
The Schlapentickle Family Burlesque & Revue @ the Soundry in Vienna, VA

This will be our kick off.  come out to see the world premier of the Schlapentickle Family Burlesque and Revue.
also, this is another in my personal continuing Suburban Outreach Program.  We (the Cheeky Monkeys and I) quite often hear from folks who want to see our shows, but don’t want to head into the city.  Well, we are coming out to you!

Fri Jun 25 – 27         
NY Faeriefest

Wedji love NY.  Wedji Tucheeks had a blast last year.  And she’s returning for the full run this year!  It’s a beautiful site, run by amazing fey folk!  She’ll be bringing more buttons and coins, ready to buy your love!

Fri Jul 2         10pm – 11pm    
Tilted Torch – Salute to the Union

The last Tilted Torch show at Baltimore’s Creative Alliance sold out!  So be sure to get your tickets early!  These ladies have an amazing high callibur of show, and I get to be the MC!  whooho!  There will be sparks flying!

Fri Jul 9-10
Palace Anniversary Show

I love the Palace.  It’s like my second home.  I’ve been performing at the Palace since they opened.  I’m tickled and honoured to be invited to participate in the 5 year anniversary!

Thu Jul 15         9pm – 10pm    
DCVariety with the Accidental Circus

My old buddy Paolo Garbazno will be in town with the Mezmer Society mavens, Onca and August.

July 16 – July 25
Accidental Circus Mini-Tour

We decided to take the show on the road!  It will be delicious!  check back for dates/locations!

Wed Aug 18 – 29         
Schlapentickle Family Tour

This is a fabulous project I’ve been working on with raunchy ragtime revivalist Sabrina Chap, Batlimore Boylesque star Paco Fish and the hot new cherry-bomb burlesque siren, Scarlett Let-Her.
We have a website!
– We are still finalizing the venues for this tour, and if you are interested in having us perform at your town, drop us a line!

Aug 28 – October 24
Cheeky Monkey Sideshow @ MD Ren Faire

Now, I personally won’t be there ~every~ weekend, there will be several Cheeky Monkeys performing there every day!