DCVariety – April 29, 2010

Hi True Fans!

Mab, Just Mab here, excited as heck! This summer is kicking off some fabulous new adventures! After a few test runs, I’m getting the ball rolling on a new collective called DCVariety. DCVariety is all about celebrating the Variety Arts in the Nation’s capital, bringing performers together, sharing resources, ideas, tips and gigs.

My personal goal to help bring out more Variety acts to the District (and beyond!). To that end, I’ve been working with the (stunning and amazing) L’il Dutch to produce a monthly event at the Palace of Wonders. I’ve searched the District to find the best you’ve never seen! Every month we bring you new and unusual acts that wonder and amaze!

Sexy and Sassy, Crude and Classy.

This Month!

Ditch Higgens
When I asked up and coming local sideshow aficionado Ditch Higgens what made his Sideshow stand out, he told me “My act made a whole table get up and leave once”. I hired him on the spot.

Stella Sweet
Burlesque’s Good Girl, except when she’s not, Miss Stella Sweet comes to us all the way from the Aloha State, where she performed with the Cherry Blossom Cabaret. Stella brings the class and titillation of old school burlesque back to the DC stage. This curvaceous cutie exemplifies the art of the tease. Performing in her second show here at the Palace of Wonders, please welcome Miss Stella Sweet!

Spanky Roundbottom
Maryland’s special Slaphappy Sexpot, Spanky Roundbottom!
Hailing from the Carolinas originally, Spanky will be dishing up a heapin’ helpin’ of southern hospitality mixed with mid-Atlantic spunk in a burlesque performance that will make your jeans feel tight!

Red Raven
Death-defying, daring fire dancer, Red Raven, will leave you in awe as she wields Flaring Fans and Sizzling Swords of FLAME!

Special halftime games!

Starting this month, we have a brand new spot of mid-show entertainment: “Make Mab Laugh”
Do you think you have what it takes to make the Mistress of Misery, the Princess of Pain, the Jaded and Bitter Glasswalking Sideshow Girl, Mab, Just Mab crack a smile?
Try your luck, and your best material!
(And before you even think about, she’s not ticklish.)
Super-Fabulous-Amazing-Wondrous Prizes awarded to the winner!

When is all this happening?
Thursday, April 29, 2010
for only $10!!! (wow! what a bargain!)
only at the Palace of Wonders
1210 H. St. NE
Washington DC 20002

Let DC know you love Variety Performers! Support the arts! and I’ll See you at the Palace!