We have a Screwloose Circus!

Mab has searched far and wide to bring you the freshest vaudeville entertainment.  And look at what she’s found!

The Screwloose Circus is a darker, cruelly amusing take on the classic traveling show that promises to delight, shock and entertain its guests with the same vindictive humor of a child falling flat on their face.

Specializing in small venues, and catering to alternative adult audiences there is an act for every taste; ranging from dazzling fire dances, long walks over broken glass and balloon bondage scenes. A classical, sepia toned circus of yesteryear, with a fresh coat of black, red and white paint, this isn’t your grammpy’s show…

The Screwloose Circus will be creating a ruckus (“can you describe the ruckus, sir?”) @ The Palace of Wonders in DC this Thursday evening!

Clowns! Jugglers! Sideshow! Burlesque! UKES!!

Featuring the Unkillable Kilian, Wobbles the Clown, Mab, Just Mab, Juggler Jim and MORE!

Only $10 to show your love!
Only at the Palace of Wonders
1210 H. St NE
Washington DC

Show starts @ 9PM

Come see the newest circus on the block!