No Screwloose tonight!

my snow fort Due to excessive white-out conditions in DC, we are rescheduling the Screwloose Circus to next month, March 25!

This is a first for me, and quite a hard call.  I know everyone is eager to leave the house, all rest and no sideshow makes Jack go crazy.   Unfortunately, half the performers are in areas that haven’t been plowed, and the metro system isn’t running above ground trains.

Apologies for the tease, but hey, what do you expect from circus folk?

But don’t worry!  I was able to reschedule them for next month, March 25th.  Hopefully, enough snow will have melted by then that you will be able to find a parking space!

P.S.  What does a sideshow girl do with more snow than she’s ever seen in her life?  Make a Snow Fort.  what else?  (Must build up my defenses against the snow Daleks.)