State of the Mab – July!

* a brief post about my recent adventures!*

Wedji TuCheeks and her pet cockroach, Fluffy

Wedji TuCheeks and her pet cockroach, Fluffy

Just returned from a magical land of make-believe found on the top of a mountain. My new Goblin (Trans-Fae) character, Wedji TuCheeks, was a huge hit at the NY Faerie Festival. The kids were a delight! We played, I bought their affections with goblin money, we taught my giant cockroach, Fluffy, new tricks, and I made new friends and saw old ones that have been missed.

The site of the faire was stunning. there was a large creek/small river running along side, with a little waterfall and everything! I hope to have some pictures loaded shortly.

in the midst of playing with faeries, I took a break to hit Asbury Lanes in NJ. what a sweet venue! the stage is built on the center 4 lanes of a working bowling alley. after the show, people told me that they had never seen anything like our show before. well, cats. we want to come back! and we’re bringing friends! I think the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow would ROCK that venue.

in other news! if you don’t subscribe to Ballycast, you should! it’s all about various sideshow performers, old and new. and I enjoy the interviews every episode. Now imagine how fangirl squee I got when Wayne Kaiser asked me for an interview. ^_^

you can check it out here!

and in case you missed it, I’m was also interviewed for sideshow documentary “Step Right Up“.

This month, I’m doing a bit of travel, some vacation, and even some gigs!  I’ll be doing two nights at the Comedy Zone in Crystal City VA.  This is a great gig for me as it challenges me to think outside the box.  The venue is an upscale restaurant high a top the DoubleTree hotel, overlooking Washington DC (the view is stunning!).  this is not the normal, drunken bar crowd, or faire/festival folks.  I always love a challenge!  Looking forward to it!