Vixen Variety! Heart Throb, Heart Burn Show!

Vixen Variety - Feb 12, 2009

This Thursday!

Do thoughts of Valentines Day bring you up? Bring you down? Or just make you feel twisty all around?

Since were all looking for a way to celebrate this passionate & perplexing holiday.. look no further! We are happy to bring you this special Valentines Heart Throb/ Heart Burn edition of the Vixen Variety Show. For one night only, you can find the wiles and wonders, the style and skill of these foxy ferocious & fierce females all on one stage!

You will be engaged and entranced by the dark fusion belly dancing of Mavi

shudder at the scandalous side show skulduggery of Mab just Mab

Question with curiosity the quixotic and quintessential gender performance by Andy & Ann T Rodginous

swoon & sway at the heart felt expression of dance by Belladona

sweat at the sexy sass of Ken Vegas

hide your eyes in disbelief at the sword swallowing, blade walking wonder of Miss Charon Henning.

An emotional roller coaster you don’t want to miss! This show is not for the faint of heart!

Thursday Feb 12
Palace of Wonders
1210 Hst NE Washington DC