I’m so Twitty!

In my attempts to saturate the digital airwaves, as well as keep up with the hundreds of Joneses, I now have a Twitter acctount!  I swear I will only post meaningful and insightful content. Honest.  🙂  Follow me if you dare! Web Notice!  If you have a link to my old site (jaladrum.org), please update your webpage with this new and groovy url (mabjustmab.com). This evening is the Burner Bazaar!  come on out and see what the freaks are peddling. Contradiction Dance Studio 7014 Westmoreland Ave, ste A Takoma Park, MD 20912 office: 240.450.2420 web: www.contradictiondance.com Saturday, Feb. 7 6 - 10 pm Hope to see you there!