Obama Wonderama!

Mab Just Mab
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The mood in this town is just like the scene in The Wiz where Dorothy drowns the wicked witch and all the Winkies start stripping and dancing. “Can you, Feel the, Brand new day!”

Obama Wonderama was complete joy! everyone was so freaking happy! The collective happiness! I was honored to be a part of such a fantastic show. this is a time that I will tell ~everyone’s~ grandchildren about!

I know I’ve already gone on about the talent for the show, but the caliber of acts! Through the roof! from what I saw through the curtains, everyone backstage was hooting, laughing, and whistling.

I modified 2 of my acts, rewrote them specially for that show. “When I think of the past 8 years, I feel that one particular sideshow feat best sums them up….The Blockhead.”


re-working my straitjacket escape: (referring to the earlier setup: jacket and chains represent the mess that Obama is starting out with) “I will now attempt to escape from this metaphor in less than 4, or god-willing, 8, years.”

as an added bonus(for me), I finally met Dr. Lukki and Clams Casino, 2 superlative NYC burlesque artists. Fabulous ladies. what can I say? see them. every chance you get!

And the audience. everyone was hugging everyone, friends and strangers alike. everyone was smiling. everyone was talking about how optimistic they are.  Everyone talking about how proud they are to be Americans.

In a time of recession/depression/economic hard times, I have never seen so many happy faces. To be honest, that should say volumes right there.

oh!  And while I was backstage, a woman getting footage for Voice of America interviewed me.  She asked me about how I felt about being an artist right here, and right now.  I talked about how people will always find a nickle to spend in hard times.  The arts are often viewed as luxury items.  But the unspoken truth is that we (artists) are the creators of dreams that help keep hope alive for people living in hard times.  I have no idea if she will use any of the footage (or what I will sound like translated into any one of the 47 languages they broadcast in).  Still, every word I said was truth.

“Can you, feel the, brand new day?”