25 Fun Factoids About Mab!

Recently, on Facebook, there was a meme going around where you were asked to present 25 facts about your self.  Typically, I shy away from those kinds of things.  But then I realized that this could be a comedy exercise.  So I decided to give it a try.
Twenty five lines about one woman.
(doesn’t quite have the same ring as eighty-eight lines about forty-four women…still, worth a shot)

please note! only some of the things on this list are true.  :o)
  1. Mab is training an army of kitties to drive little cat tanks with bubble dome viewing pods.
  2. Mab is preparing for the apocalypse.
  3. Mab is part of a brood of 6 super mutants.
  4. Mab can read your mind and uses this skill to entertain you.
  5. Mab is an enabler. She has made great and wonderful things that have changed the world happen, and no one will ever know.
  6. Mab lives in a secluded place, accessing it through a secret cave hidden behind long vines covered by a waterfall……in the heart of a volcano.
  7. Mab believes green peppers are evil pods from outer space sent here to take over the human race.
  8. Mab fears they may have succeeded.
  9. Mab knows everyone has superpowers.
  10. Mab likes to wrap pigs in blankets, and then dip them in spicy mustard
  11. Mab is a geek in most senses of the word.
  12. Mab knows that old school techno will be considered “classical” music on 200 years.
  13. Mab is terribly shy.
  14. Mab’s battery cell will operate indefinitely so long as sufficient amounts of coffee, beer, and cigarettes are provided.
  15. Mab is actually 98 years old, but the coffee, beer, and cigarettes have preserved her body nicely.
  16. Mab studies comedy.  Because she knows that it is the most powerful tool in her arsenal for world domination. Way better than kitties in bubble tanks.
  17. If the Doctor every crossed her path, Mab would hitch a ride without thinking twice and bring her unique brand of sideshow/comedy to the whole of time and space.
  18. Mab has had excellent and insightful conversations with inanimate objects.
  19. Sometimes, Mab is a Pirate.
  20. Sometimes, Mab is a Ninja.
  21. Mab let her cats type up a few of these.
  22. When she was born, Mab was held by her ankles and dipped in the river ARTS.
  23. As a young child, Mab was shown her future and her past.
  24. Mab had her heart removed from her body, and dipped in boiling lava to render her nigh-invulnerable.
  25. Mab played a chess game while waiting in line for the Van Gogh exhibit outside of the national art museum that saved the world from an evil mastermind.

feel free to add more in the comments (and I will verify if thy are true or not!)